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Winograd And Schwartz Testimonials

‘My wife and I never owned property nor had to hire an attorney before. When we decided to buy a condo we accepted our real estate agent’s recommendation for an attorney, Laraine Schwartz. We soon realized that we had nothing to fear. Laraine’s professionalism, friendliness, and willingness to answer all questions in a prompt and informative manner quickly erased any fears we had. Her staff was well informed on our pending purchase and often did not have to have Laraine get back to us. They had the ability and knowledge to assist us on the spot. Laraine and her staff were able to negotiate the best of deals for us and they always kept us in the loop. Now 2 1/2 years later as we have sold our condo and have a new home purchase about to close we had no doubts about who we were going to hire to help us close on both our sale and purchase, Laraine Schwartz. The key to buying real estate may be location, location, location, but the key to hiring a good real estate attorney is Laraine, Laraine, Laraine.’

‘I’m very glad we used Winograd and Schwartz for the application of my husband’s Green Card. They were extremely friendly and helpful and– unlike the other lawyers we called – seemed to take a genuine interest and pride in their work.

The whole procedure was explained to us in great detail and we were fully supported every step of the way – from help with filling in the many forms to a personal briefing for all the interviews. Their long experience and extensive legal knowledge matters means you get great service and, of course, great results. My husband now has his Green Card. Thanks to them!’

My wife and I had a hard time finding a good immigration lawyer; one who was willing to do more than just take our check and fill in a few forms for us. We needed someone who was willing to answer our questions as well. Someone friendly and knowledgeable that we could really trust with our case.

Our long search for an attorney was over when we were referred to the offices of Winograd and Schwartz. Their extensive knowledge of both the formal legal procedure and the practical considerations when dealing with the immigration bureaucracy were extremely helpful. Every step of the way was explained to us in great detail and we felt 100% supported all the time.

The immigration procedure is very complex and can be quite intimidating at times. I’m glad my wife and I found someone who was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but very friendly and personable as well. Everything went perfect and I now have my Green Card – thanks to them.’

“We highly recommend the legal services of Laraine Schwartz because you can trust her to put your interests first. She is not just a savvy professional but she also cares about her clients.

And all too often, trustworthiness and a deep level of concern for clients are not the easiest traits to find in a lawyer. But you can feel safe when you choose Laraine to represent your interests or the interests of a family member.

To demonstrate why we are making these claims, I must explain that when Laraine was presented with my husband’s difficult immigration case, she was put to the test.

During the Immigration interview, my husband and I felt comfortable with Laraine as our lawyer because we knew she has the diplomatic skills and concern for our unusual situation, that the Immigration officials would respond in a positive way to her client.

That is why I recommend the legal services of Laraine Schwartz. After all, the lawyer you choose will be protecting the most important person in your life when she represents your family member. Select a concerned lawyer who will offer the services you need.”

-LS and MS

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