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Fighting for Light in a Time of Darkness

Fighting For Light in a Time of Darkness by Laraine Schwartz

The fallout from President Trump’s recent Executive Orders is overwhelming. The travel ban set forth by the administration is stalled in the courts, but according to numerous White House staffers, a new Executive Order will be issued soon.

The medical industry is one of the sectors that will suffer along with the individuals denied access to a safe haven from their war-torn homes.

A recent article in Scientific American interviewed both attending and resident physicians from all around the world and stated the argument that, without immigrants, the United States will continue to have a shortage of doctors.

  • The United States is currently experiencing a deficit of 8,200 primary care doctors and 2,800 psychiatrists. 
  • By 2025, The American Association of Medical Colleges estimates that deficit will be 94,000.
  • 8,400 doctors currently practicing in the United States are from just two of the seven affected countries that were in the old order and will reportedly be in the new order—Iran and Syria.

Fortunately, advocacy groups, including American Immigration Lawyers Association, (AILA), are at the ready to ensure that America has the workforce it needs to thrive.

Unfortunately, not all immigrants leave their home country by choice. Instead, they are forced to leave as their cities are ravaged by war—and their lives and homes destroyed. Of the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been displaced thus far, 51% are children. This is why President Trump’s restrictions on accepting refugees, in addition to the travel ban, is an outrage that must be addressed immediately.

The attorneys at AILA will stand with immigrants and refugees alike, not just for the future but because of the past. The irony of President Trump celebrating Holocaust Remembrance Day while turning away refugees was not lost on anyone. For survivors and their relatives, it was a heartbreaking reminder of a time when the United States turned a cold shoulder to Jews fleeing certain death in the Old World. For the present day refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa, these egregious orders must be challenged.

I encourage you to GET INVOLVED! Remember: Congress controls the purse strings and enacts the laws.

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