The Importance of Becoming a US Citizen

The Importance of Becoming a US Citizen by Laraine Schwartz

It may be too late to vote in the presidential election if you have not yet applied to become a United States Citizen, but as an immigrant and Green Card Holder you should nonetheless pursue your US citizenship with urgency, and here’s why:

  • US citizens are free to leave the country for as much time as they see fit; permanent residents forfeit their Green Cards if they have been out of the US for more than a year. 
  • No taxation without representation! Green Card holders are in the unenviable position of paying taxes to the US government while having zero say in the laws and policies of the government to which they pay taxes. 
  • Certain criminal offenses automatically make green card holders subject to deportation. As a US citizen, you are entitled to the due process of law as spelled out in the constitution with no threat of deportation. That being said, obeying the laws of the United States is a crucial element to being a citizen, and you should always endeavor to do so. 
  • 2017, 2018, and the future of the United States depends on the outcome of future elections.

From a personal perspective, I know how brave the men and women coming to our country are. As a second generation American, I have always been acutely aware of the challenges many immigrants face when they arrive on our shores with nothing more than the possessions they can carry with them. Many come to this country after successful careers in their native lands, only to be employed in jobs that are not even closely related to their professions back home. This sort of sacrifice is made not out of selfish reasons, but for the good of their posterity—a sacrifice we Americans benefit from in the form of younger generations who are educated in our schools and ready to contribute to our great country. 

If you wish to begin the process of joining in this experiment we call the United States, or your application has been stalled for some reason, contact us to find out more about your options.

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