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Post-Election Reflections

Earlier this month, the presidential election showed an outpouring of support for President Obama and his stand on immigration. It is important to remember all of  the people who voted were, by definition, United States Citizens. The demographics of our nation are Laraine Schwartz, Esq.  |  Winograd and Schwartz  |  Post-Election Reflectionsshifting and this election showed our voters to be an enlightened group who understand the immigration issues, many of whom are recent descendants of immigrants.

News, talk radio and the blogosphere are full of speculation as to what the election “really” means, both as a snapshot of our current situation and what might happen for immigrants in the future.

Shifting demographics

Much has been said about the changing cultural tides of our country since the election. This change is partly due to the fact that over the years new immigrants who originally arrived in New Jersey or New York have begun moving throughout the United States. They are relocating where there are jobs, where there is more space, more housing and opportunities. Just as in the past the descendants of immigrants pioneered the West, these people are “new” pioneers, settling down to make up the fabric of America – through the work they do and the relationships they build.

Is DACA safe?

DACA (acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is the two-year Executive Order signed by President Obama, effective August 15, 2012. With the President’s re-eIection, we do not expect that it will be rescinded before expiration in 2014. We are hopeful that a major immigration overhaul bill including the DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) will be passed by Congress and signed into law prior to August 2014.

Alternatives to the DREAM Act

Several alternatives to the DREAM Act are being presented by members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. One such bill offered by Senator Marco Rubio would mirror the DREAM Act, except it will stop short of providing a pathway to citizenship. I remain optimistic that this will not be the solution and wait to see citizenship to be included on the path of so many people looking to change their status in the United States. They will already be paying taxes as Legal Permanent Residence and hopefully will earn the right to vote as U.S. Citizens, too.

Save time, money and hassle: If a New Law is Passed, See an attorney

If new laws are passed, it is critical that all in need of learning more and applying seek the representation of an immigration attorney. It is crucial that everyone understand that seeking the services of a “Notario” is a move that can destroy all opportunities for the individual. In the United States, “Notarios” hold themselves out to the public as helping with immigration issues, however, in reality they are people who are practicing law without a license, a felony in New Jersey. They have neither the credentials to practice law nor do they have the expertise. We urge you to seek the legal assistance of an immigration attorney, with  the experience that a reputable immigration attorney amasses over the course of a career. The Law is more complicated than it appears to the layperson, and the ramifications of improperly filed immigration petitions and applications may cause permanent outcomes against your immigration best interests.

Having worked with the changes in the immigration laws over the past 18 years, Winograd and Schwartz has the experience to anticipate snags and pitfalls, the competence to prepare the required documents on your behalf, and the dependability to do so properly.

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